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Tue, Sep 28, 2010

Talent Acquisition

GPS For Recruiters: How to Find Top Talent Without Getting Lost

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Last week, Monster’s breakthrough 6Sense Semantic Search Technology, already named a 2010 Top 10 HR Product by Human Resource Executive and recognized among the Top 10 of the Innovation Week 500‘s most innovative business technologies, was awarded its third patent.

Headed into this week’s HR Technology Conference, Monster’s Matt O’Connor, Regional Vice President, Sales, takes a look at what you need to know about this game changing recruiting technology.

Do you remember the first time you used a GPS? That moment when you realized you had genuine power at your fingertips? Suddenly there would be no more wrong turns, getting lost, or trying to read directions from a piece of paper while you’re driving.

Do you remember the first time you tried an ATM? No more standing in line for deposits and withdrawals. No more reliance on banker’s hours. No more writing checks at the check out lane while fishing for your driver’s license in order to prove who you are.

How about a DVR? Watch what you want, when you want? And no commercials?

It doesn’t happen often.  In fact it’s a rare feeling when you try something new which then shatters your old way of doing things.  And while each of the technologies described is about a different customer experience, they all have 3 things in common:

Top 3 Characteristics of Game-Changing Technologies:

1. Simplicity - Regardless of the complexity under the hood, these tools are ridiculously easy to use.

2. Efficiency – They save a remarkable amount of time, energy and brain power that can be applied to other, high value (or more interesting) tasks.

3. Game Changer – Once you’ve used it, you would never go back to the old way of doing things.

If you’re an HR or recruiting professional laboring in the Boolean logic of  ‘OR,’ ‘AND’ and ‘NOT,’ I offer another game changer – one that has the potential to alter the way you do online resume searches, or simply find the right talent for the right job, forever.  No strings attached.

It’s called Power Resume Search (PRS) and it’s built on a semantic search engine.  Let me show you why this is so cool:

As a recruiter, how many searches have you done that look something like this:

“Director of Corporate Finance” AND (“GAAP” OR  “SOX”) AND NOT (White OR “White  Sox”)

And how many dozens (if not hundreds) of resulting applicants have you then poured through, spending on average 2-3 minutes on each, as you continue your search for the perfect pool of candidates with the right qualifications, skills and job experience?

Monster’s 6Sense™ semantic search technology takes away this time-consuming and arduous task.

It’s like tapping into the collective brain of all recruiters and asking, “where can I find a mid-level accounting manager with five years experience who lives on the West coast, is SOX 404 certified and, while not necessary, it would be great if he or she had spent some time in the packaged goods industry? And oh yeah, I really only want the eight best candidates. Could you rank order them for me too?”

Job seekers aren’t the only ones being challenged in today’s economy. Recruiters have been let go en masse, too. And if you’re one of those people fortunate enough to still be recruiting, you’re also being asked to do far more with less resource. Time is one of those resources.

Today, pools of talent are becoming oceans of talent and as the economy continues to improve, connecting the right candidate to the right position will be more and more challenging. Yet recruiting top talent should not be a long-term project.

Now I’ll try and extract the sales pitch here – although as a VP of sales I might be stretching myself – and offer this metaphoric equation:

PRS is to recruitment as the GPS is to location-finding or getting to your destination.  It’s accurate, it’s efficient and it achieves immediate results in seconds.

Recruiters consider this a game changer.  PRS can read resumes or talent databases like a recruiter and identify the right candidate based on the skills needed for the job.  Accolades have been rolling in, the latest from Human Resource Executive® who named it one of their top HR and training products of 2010.

If you want to stop searching and start matching, isn’t it time you tried something new?  Click here to find out how Power Resume Search can transform the way you and your business find talent today.


About The Author: Matt O’Connor is currently Regional Vice President Sales with Monster.  Since joining Monster 10 years ago, Matt has held numerous positions in Telesales, Monster Government Solutions and Enterprise Sales. After spending 12 months in Telesales, Matt left that role to help launch sales in Monster’s Government Solution’s business in 2002, negotiating some of Monster’s largest public sector customers such as USAJOBS, Milspouse and TAP, in addition to  pioneering Monster’s relationships into such places as the CIA, NSA, FBI and Department of Defense.

Since the end of 2005 he has been selling and managing Monster’s Enterprise solutions in a variety of roles, most recently as the Regional Vice President for the Northeast Region. Prior to joining Monster, Matt spent several years in the Financial Services industry before ultimately becoming National Director of Underwriting for Zurich Insurance.  Today, Matt is President of the Board for the non-profit New England Dance Center and was recently appointed by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick to the Board of Trustees for the State Library at the Statehouse.

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