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Thu, Oct 7, 2010

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RecruitFest! Preview: 3 Questions with Mike Ramer

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I am excited for RecruitFest!  We’ll be mixing it up with the movers and shakers in recruiting and talent acquisition. Learning from each other and partying!

1. What do you think will be some of the hottest topics and issues which will emerge at RecruitFest!?

Convergence. Driven by new tools, economic compression and WOW “wide open world”, talent management pros, HR and third-party recruiters will “mash it up”.  We’ll discuss new ways to work together more effectively.

Recruiting Innovations. We are all seeking the best mousetrap.  We’ll listen, learn and discuss the latest methods – online and off – that will help to identify and manage talent.

Online Alliances. Work teams and partnerships are forming online.  People and companies are banding together like never before to leverage strengths, maximize synergies and cross-promote.

ROI-T. This will continue to be hot. Increasingly, we want proof that social media and online tools are giving us a measurable Return on Investment – for our Time.

2.  What’s your topic and how do you plan to involve RecruitFest participants in the discussion?

Employer Marketing and Personal Branding. See my video.  I’ll facilitate this conversation:

  • How are you developing your recruiting brand?  What online tools are you using?
  • What do people think of when they think of you?  Specific adjectives.
  • How do you leverage your brand when marketing new clients?
  • What’s the difference between brand and reputation?

We’ll see it all live online and talk specific techniques and strategies.

3.  What do you hope to gain from RecruitFest?

Rocket fuel to take my search and recruiting practice to the next level.

This will come in the form of learning new online tools and establishing relationships with people I meet.  Especially, I am looking forward to meeting friends who I’ve met online and industry leaders IRL – in real life.  I’m open to establishing partnerships with new companies and industry peers, if it makes sense.

This will be a rockin’, unforgettable time at RecruitFest!

For more information on today’s RecruitFest! event or to watch the live stream, visit www.recruitfest.com


About the Author: Mike Ramer, President at Ramer Search Consultants is a recruitment industry trainer and motivational speaker.  A recognized expert in retained search and third party recruiting best practices, Mike also works as an executive career coach and employment expert witness.  Follow Mike on Twitter or connect with him by clicking here.

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  • http://HRMargo.com HRMargo

    Great session today! Glad I could watch it via the video stream. Thanks for your generous information.