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Thu, Oct 7, 2010

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RecruitFest! Preview: 3 Questions With Jason Lauritsen

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1. What do you think will be some of the hottest topics and issues which emerge at RecruitFest!?

My guess is that there will be a lot of talk about the future and what we should be preparing for  in the next few years.  The picture of the future is pretty murky right now.  The economy is in toilet–people are still scared.  Technology has turned recruiting on its head.  The balance of power has shifted from the employer to the employee.  And, the way we work has shifted.  Even the way we define talent has changed.  All of these topics have major implication for recruiting and talent management.

2. What’s your topic and how do you plan to involve RecruitFest! participants in the discussion?

I am a bit of an odd duck.  I spend my days leading a corporate HR team and at the same time call myself a Talent Anarchist.  I rail against what’s wrong in corporate America, specifically where it comes to how people are treated by companies.  Then, I have to go to the office and try to do something about it in my organization.

I spent several years as a successful headhunter earlier in my career, so I think that I bring a pretty salty perspective on the recruitment business.  In the sessions I’ll be involved in, it sounds like we’ll at least start out talking about some pretty important issues like candidate experience and social recruiting.  I don’t know that I am an expert in either area, but I’m pretty good at cutting through the bullshit on most any issue by asking important questions and helping provide new perspective.   No matter what we talk about, it will be worth checking out.

3. What do you hope to gain from RecruitFest!?

I’m excited to see the sights in Boston (kidding, sort of).  I’m looking forward to the experience of having a conversation that might start in Boston, but has the potential to span the internet.  It will be exciting to find out what people are thinking and talking about in this space.  There’s going to be excitement in the air because this event format has the potential to change how we think about conferences.  It could be electrifying.  Or, it could be a mess.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

For more information on today’s RecruitFest! event and to join the conversation and watch online, visit www.recruitfest.com.


About the Author: Jason Lauritsen serves as “the corporate guy” in his current role of Vice President of Human Resources, Union Bank and Trust and is a speaker and writer for TalentAnarchy.  Jason’s early career was a rapid progression of sales and management roles including launching, leading and ultimately selling a small business in his mid-twenties. He’s a leader, sales guy, entrepreneur and corporate executive–all rolled up in one.

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