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Tue, Dec 14, 2010

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The Workplace Culture Audit: #TChat Recommended Reading

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Here at MonsterThinking, exploring the complex world of work is more than just our tagline; it’s our mission.  And of course, finding innovative ways to connect job seekers with the employers looking for them is what Monster’s all about.

That’s why we were so excited when we heard about #TChat, a Twitter chat all about exploring talent acquisition and career management strategies from a global perspective (for more details, check out “What is #TChat” via TalentCulture).

This week marks the first edition of “#TChat Recommended Reading.”  Every Tuesday, we’ll be sharing with you some of our favorite articles on the chat’s central theme for the week.  Tonight, we’ll be discussing:

The Workplace Culture Audit: Steps To Building a Magnetic Company Culture and Recruiting the Best Talent

“Companies faced with retaining their most important asset – employees = people – should focus on creating a workplace culture that accommodates not only the organization’s need to meet business objectives, but also what resonates with an employees’ need to see themselves as a key partner in the organization’s success. Let’s ensure people feel valued and respected in this equation at all levels in the organization.

Workplace culture is so much more than a mission statement or having a cool ping pong table for breaks or sharing free sodas in the refrigerator (these perks matter of course). It’s a powerful metaphor for the workplace that allows employees to compellingly describe where they work, what the business does, and what its value is to customers. Companies successful in creating a unique and compelling workplace culture will have much more success attracting and retaining talented people who experience ‘culture fit’ with the company.  It’s so important and often overlooked.”

Meghan M. Biro, TalentCulture

#TChat Recommended Reading: 12.14.10

This background reading isn’t mandatory to get in on tonight’s #TChat action, but we suggest checking out these articles by top thought leaders on the role culture plays in attracting, developing and retaining top talent:

Visit www.talentculture.com on Wednesday for a complete recap on tonight’s #TChat from Kevin W. Grossman.  For more good stuff, check out Kevin’s blog by clicking here.

Our Monster social media team supports the effort behind #TChat and its mission of sharing “ideas to help your business and your career accelerate – the right people, the right ideas, at the right time.”  We’ll be joining the conversation live every Tuesday night with co-founders Kevin Grossman and Meghan M. Biro from 8-9 PM E.T. via @monster_works and @MonsterWW.

Hope to see you tonight @ #TChat!

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