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Wed, Dec 22, 2010

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Monster 11 for 2011: Follow These Top HR & Recruitment Bloggers

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“Isn’t it funny how I think no one existed before I “discovered” them on Twitter?”

–Lisa Rosendahl

What a difference a year makes.  When we put together our debut edition of “Top Employment Bloggers To Follow on Twitter,” many folks were still relatively new to the game; trying to figure out what this whole “social media” thing is all about.

Like others in our industry, we’ve watched and we’ve learned (a lot) in 2010, and in the process, we’ve ‘discovered’ many HR and recruiting thought leaders we didn’t know existed prior to our social media engagement.  We’ve also rekindled relationships with others who’ve been leaders in the industry, but social engagement has allowed us to connect on a new and exciting level.

The bloggers on the Monster 11 for 2011 edition were chosen based on a pretty simple set of criteria: the people whose perspective, expertise and insights helped inform, and strengthen, our understanding of talent management the most. Of course, we’re not the only ones; many of our picks were nominated by their HR and recruiting peers via #monster11 on Twitter as well as Monster’s Facebook page.

We used Radian6 to determine those with the most relevance and reach for HR and recruiting professionals on both blogs and Twitter.  We also leveraged social analytics tool Klout to measure which bloggers most heavily influenced Monster’s own social media activities and blog content.  Bloggers recognized in 2010 were excluded, as were group or corporate blogs and accounts (including our own).  Influencers were assigned an overall score of 0-100, which we’ve termed The Monster Social Index (MTSI).

Crowd sourcing and social media analytics represent a somewhat impractical science; the other obvious problem with lists is that they are, by nature, exclusionary, and we truly value the contributions and conversations of every member of our community.

With that in mind, we’d like to congratulate, and recognize, the Monster 11 Employment Bloggers to Follow in 2011.  If you aren’t already following these thought leaders, we highly recommend you do; you’ll be glad you did.

The Monster 11 for 2011

11. Glen Cathey MTSI: 87 | Blog: The Boolean Black Belt| Twitter: @glencathey

“I have a theory that there is a hidden talent pool in every database comprised of 2 types of candidates: #1 – the candidates that recruiters do not find, and #2 – the candidates that recruiters cannot find. I believe this hidden talent pool is at least 30-40% of the candidates in each database and I have practically made a career out of being able to easily find what others do not and can not.”

Recommended Reading: Is Finding and Recruiting Top Talent Really Your #1 Priority?

Cathey is Vice President for Recruitment at K-Force and specializes in sourcing and talent mining.

10. Charlie Judy MTSI: 89 | Blog: HR Fishbowl | Twitter: @hrfishbowl

“I believe HR’s effort to redefine itself has resulted in an “over-engineered” approach to caring and feeding for the workplace.  I’m concerned that the real value of HR has been diminished, not strengthened, as a result.  Getting back to the basics of strong connections, good relationships, personal attention, and simplified processes are what I believe to be more important than anything the broader HR community is currently focused on.”

Recommended Reading: Make The Conversation Meaningful

Judy is Global Director of Human Capital Strategic Development and Organizational Development for Navigant Consulting.

9. Emily Bennington MTSI: 89 | Blog: Professional Studio 365| Twitter: @emilybennington

“I’m a FREAK about turning new grads into rock stars at work.  After my own bumpy transition from campus-to-career, I found my calling … help[ing] companies get the most out of their career newbies, while helping said newbies connect their efforts to the organization’s big-picture goals. My philosophy is simple: Businesses that invest in their staff create happy employees. Happy employees = happy customers. Happy customers = happy employers.”

Recommended Reading: How To Build A World Class Internship Program

Bennington is the founding partner of consulting firm Professional Studio 365, author of “Effective Immediately: How to Fit In, Stand Out, and Move Up at Your New Job” and regular contributor for Monster.com and the Huffington Post.

8. Mark Stelzner MTSI: 91 | Blog: Inflexion Point| Twitter: @stelzner:

“My sense is that we’re at a point where some people are feeling left behind by those who have already embraced new media tools. As I’ve said before, I think the purposeful use of social media offers a competitive advantage over those individuals and organizations who have yet to jump on board.”

Recommended Reading: The Best Company I’ve Ever Worked For

Stelzner is the principal of HR consulting firm Inflexion Advisors and founder of Job Angels, a grassroots non-profit aimed at job seekers.

7. Omowale Casselle MTSI: 91 | Blog: MySensay | Twitter: @mysensay

“In my opinion, social recruiting combines the best practices of online and offline information discovery and relationship building to create a one-of-a-kind experience for both the candidate and employer. This process which begins online and ultimately moves offline helps both candidate and employers make an intelligent decision.”

Recommended Reading: Social Media: When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Casselle, a Harvard MBA and former campus recruiter for Ford, is the founder and CEO of MySensay, a targeted social recruiting solution focused on the emerging workforce.

6. Steve Boese MTSI: 92 | Blog: Steve’s HR Technology Blog | Twitter: @steveboese

“The thing is most of us probably think we are pretty effective communicators.  We might even ask our peers, friends, and colleagues to give us feedback and help us improve.  But, especially if you are the boss, people lie.  A better way to see how your communication stacks up is to put it to the test once in a while.”

Recommended Reading: Monsters Under the Bed

Boese is an HRIS Manager for PAETEC and lectures on HR Technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  A Fistful of Talent Contributor, Boese co-hosts HR Happy Hour on Blog Talk Radio and co-founded the annual HREvolution conference.

5. Jason Lauritsen MTSI: 92 | Blog: Jason Lauritsen | TalentAnarchy.com | Twitter: @jasonlauritsen

“I actually sit in the mystical HR “seat at the table” at my company. I am passionate about helping the “practice” of HR live up to its promise and potential by being a better leader and helping others do the same.”

Jason Lauritsen is Vice President of Human Resources at Union Bank and Trust and writes and speaks primarily on human capital management issues as a partner in Talent Anarchy.

Recommended Reading: #HREvolution x #Recruitfest + Monster = The Death of the Traditional Conference

5. Joe Gerstandt MTSI: 92 | Blog: Our Time To Act | TalentAnarchy.com | Twitter: @joegerstandt

“My work deals with what exists in the social space, between people…the things that cannot be seen, inventoried or counted but play a huge role in our individual and shared success. These invaluable, invisible and intangible assets, such as communication, difference, trust, listening, empathy, culture, social capital, decision making, self awareness.”

Recommended Reading: Breaking Down Culture

A speaker, facilitator and writer, Gerstandt focuses on inclusion, leadership and innovation in organizations as a consultant and partner in Talent Anarchy with Jason Lauritsen.

4. Kevin Grossman MTSI: 94 | Blog: Marcomm HRSay | TalentCulture Twitter: @kevinwgrossman

“The one thing we don’t talk enough about in leadership are the tough calls we have to make, decisions that affect us personally, our families and our entire organizations.  Tough calls that are subjective successes in their own right. We spend so much time reliving so-called failure that we forget making difficult decisions are successful growth opportunities — if learned from.”

Recommended Reading: Workplace Leadership Engagement: Challenge, Meaning and Lots of Love

Grossman, founder of Marcomm Says and content partner on the popular Talent Culture blog, was recently recognized as the top online influencer in HR and most recently served as president of HR Marketer and principal for Glowan Consulting.

3. Lance Haun MTSI: 95 | Blog: Rehaul | Twitter: @thelance

“I’ve been out of day-to-day HR for over a year now and while I interact with HR and recruiter types on a daily basis, it often takes subtle (or not-so-subtle) reminders about how challenging the field can be. The people who work day-to-day and add real value to their organizations and drive innovation in the field are why I’m so passionate about HR.”

Recommended Reading: Monster Thinker: 5 Questions With Lance Haun

Haun is Community Director for ERE Media and blogger at Rehaul.com, TLNT.com and SmartBlog on Workforce.

2. Sarah White MTSI: 95 | Blog: I’m So Corporate I’m So Sarah| Twitter: @imsosarah

“I’m not suggesting you dive overboard and go to the extreme that a lot of us do as individuals – putting things out there that you probably shouldn’t have.  But, I am encouraging brands to move in that direction and be more human.  Be more real.  Be more vulnerable. Show the quirks and the not so positive part while highlighting the rest.”

Recommended Reading: Decision Making, Social Media & Personal Branding

White, a self-proclaimed “HR Technology Evangelist,” works with talent management vendors and corporate HR as a strategy consultant after recently leaving HRMDirect, where she served as Chief Strategy Officer.

White recently announced she will be ending her I’m So Corporate Blog at the end of 2010 (after the list was calculated) but will continue to be a featured contributor for Women of HR and ERE, among other publications.

1. China Gorman MTSI: 97 | Blog: ChinaGorman.com | Twitter: @chinagorman

“Leading organizations that support HR professionals all over the world in making their organizations more competitive and more profitable with highly engaged and productive employees is what I do.”

Recommended Reading: Re-Imagining The Conference Experience

China has over 30 years of HR experience, most recently as the Chief Global Engagement Officer for the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).

We hope you find this list helpful— You can follow directly or read more from our top 11 employment bloggers from our Twitter list.

Which of these was your favorite?  Who’d we miss? Who are you planning to follow in 2011?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Don’t forget to check out The Monster 11 for 2011: Career Experts Who Can Help Your Job Search for a list of the top career advice bloggers to follow next year!

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  • http://www.chinagorman.com China Gorman

    #1? Really? Holy smokes! I consider myself a beginner in the HR blogging world learning at the feet of masters like Jason Lauritsen, Mark Stelzner, Sarah White, Joe Gerstandt, Kevin Grossman (who I finally got to meet IRL a couple of weeks ago!) and the others in the space. Thanks for the recognition and the support. I take this as encouragement (and enormous pressure) to carry on. Happy New Year!

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  • http://www.steveboese.squarespace.com Steve Boese

    Thanks very much for the inclusion on this list, but even greater thanks for all that Monster does in support of the HR and Recruiting community. The level of commitment and engagement is truly remarkable and very much appreciated. Thanks again.

  • http://hrringleader.com Trish McFarlane

    Phenomenal list. Congrats to the 2011 Class!

  • http://www.talentculture.com/founder/ Meghan M. Biro

    Thank you for including the TalentCulture community – and of course, my partner in Workplace Culture Crime = Kevin W. Grossman!

    PS: This is a great list you have here. I’m a fan of all these bloggers. Well done.

    Happy Holidays! We heart you all.

    My Best,


  • http://www.professionalstudio365.com Emily Bennington

    What a great list. So honored to be included. Thanks Monster!

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  • http://www.joegerstandt.com/ joe gerstandt

    Wow. Just kind of shocked to discover that anyone actually reads my blog, I guess I will have to start taking that more seriously. Thanks. A lot.

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  • http://www.hrfishbowl.com Charlie Judy

    it is of course an honor to be on this list – particularly given its fine company. it’s been harder and harder for me to stay committed to the blog in light of other obligations, but recognition like this keeps me coming back. what you all talk about – the dialog you spark – makes a difference in our profession and, as such, in the employment experience of so many people. keep it up!

  • http://morganmccarthy.co.cc/ Morgan Mccarthy

    [...] In fact, I was beyond honored by being included in the Monster 11 for 2011: The Top HR & Recruitment Bloggers. [...]

  • http://ameliamaddox.co.cc/ Amelia Maddox

    [...] got some love from Monster.  I found myself on the “11 for 2011” post from the good people at Monster, which is super cool.  I tied for 5th place with my [...]

  • http://starkravingmanager.com AS

    Nice list! I would have liked to see one other, but still alot of talent listed above.