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Fri, Apr 22, 2011

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Monster 5 For Friday – You Deserve A Break Today Edition

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This week, McDonald’s held what it called “National Hiring Day,” and if you’re a regular reader of this here blog, you’d probably think that we’d supersize the snark for the occasion.  You’d be wrong.  Because for talent and HR professionals everywhere (not to mention job seekers), this splashy campaign should be cause to celebrate.

In an industry where no news has, for so long, been the equivalent of good news, it’s good to hear news like this again, regardless of party lines or placement fees.  An instantaneous flux of thousands of jobs into a single sector at the same instance is extremely significant, even in an industry with such high turnover.  Just ask someone hiring for software engineers in San Jose.

If an employer announces that it’s laying off tens of thousands of employees, the best interests of the business are to minimize that news.  That’s why, as the world’s leading provider of online recruitment solutions, we applaud McDonald’s for what they’re doing to Keep America Working.  Or any variation thereof.

Of course, semantics count.  And we couldn’t help but notice, that like a lot of the Fortune 500, McDonald’s is a Monster customer.  And since we’re broadcasting some of the coolest jobs on Monster directly to you on Twitter (hashtag: #cooljobs – go figure), we couldn’t help but notice they had a Communications Manager role posted:

http://jobview.monster.com/Regional-Communications-Manager-Job-Columbus-43219-98422263.aspx ?WT.mc_n= SM_PR_Blog_MT

Tell them we sent you.  Because, as any good employer knows, you have to use all the resources that are available to you to win the war for talent.  McDonald’s’ wasn’t going to make 50,000 hires in a day; they were going to build buzz and make headlines (also, by the way, requirements for this Communications Manager role).

After all, someone deserves a break today.  So get up, and get away to this edition of the Monster 5 for Friday.  While McDonald’s National Hiring Day dominated the mainstream (and industry) news this week, here are the top posts from the world of work you might have missed.

The Monster 5 For Friday: National Hiring Day Edition (4.21.2011)

5. What Is Twitter Doing for Your Reputation? Too many tweets send a powerful message about productivity, but personal brand counts too.  To find out how to strike a balance, read this article by Mike McGrail.   #pleasert

4. 8 Ways To Successfully Sell With Social Media We’ll let Mike Schultz overview his Social Media Examiner post in his own words: “I’ll explore how to achieve success with the “two people getting to know each other and starting up a conversation that might go somewhere” kind of selling.” So, recruiting.  #samedifference

3. 3 Killer Small Biz Apps Coming in 2012 Spoiler alert!  This Forbes column by Gene Marks has predictions about Charlie Sheen, the next Pirates of the Caribbean and that one of the killer small biz apps in 2012 will be apps.  Of course, if that small business happens to be a ‘sole proprietorship’ in the business of looking for a job, the future is now, because… #shamelessplug

2. How To Get the Winning Edge Over the Interview Competition In this post Monster’s brilliant VP of Global Brand Marketing, Jeff Greenler, in competition for the title of ‘Most Interesting Man in the World,’ shares his amazing insights about how Monster.com is increasing job views and recruiting reach through mobile.  #internallinking

1. 5 Tips for Moving Up the Corporate Ladder Clearly, we’re hoping after this article that these tips from Google’s Jenny Blake, guest blogging on Alexandra Levit’s Water Cooler Wisdom, can help us out, too.  Also: See Post #2. #hedging

If not, we know where we can go to start looking for a new job.  Too bad that communications manager position won’t be open for too long.  It’s already on Monster, after all.

If you’d like to enjoy the best of this week’s job search and career advice articles, check out the Monster 5 for Friday, Careers Edition.

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