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Mon, Jun 27, 2011

Global Issues

BeKnown: The Professional and Social Networking Revolution Goes Global

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Who knows how social networks will evolve, what they’ll look like or how they’ll be used in years to come? Only time will tell. What is sure is that social networks have changed forever the way people communicate, engage and connect. Social networking sites received an amazing 4.2 billion hits from the UK in January 2011 alone. Facebook is used by over 750 million people worldwide. Whatever your view of social networks, they are here and most of us are on them.

From protests in Egypt, Bahrain, Libya to London, to the tragedy facing Japan, there are real people communicating real issues and they are doing it across Facebook, Twitter and other social networks because their voice can be heard quickly and amplified by those that share the same views, opinions and concerns.

These are extreme examples and thankfully for most of us we deal with more everyday issues. But still, social networks are the fastest way to share information, spread news, update friends and find people and communities. Being social is an expression of our ego, and we can see how people are becoming expert in building their own “personal brand” through social broadcasting. This is part of the evolution of the workforce from a Knowledge Era workforce into Free Agents and Self Employed, in charge of their own brand.

In today’s recruitment arena, seekers are shifting their focus from pure job searching to the development of their personal brand by developing profiles on social and business networks, writing blogs, tweeting thoughts and ideas… All of this can be used effectively to build “a job seeker brand” that allows the candidate to stand out from the crowd.

Looking ahead, there is no doubt that the world of social on the web is going to play an increasingly important role for candidates who are looking to engage with employers and to market their ideas and skills. Monster is continually evolving by providing candidates with multi-platforms where they can build their personal brand and find their perfect job, and providing employers with ways to extend their brand and their reach to identify and connect with the best candidates.

In the future, a strong candidate will be evaluated not only by their CV and skills, but by their personal brand and by how much they are “BeKnown”. Interesting times!


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