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Fri, Apr 20, 2012

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Monster 5 for Friday: Performance Review Edition

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In our increasingly connected world, people are finding new ways to communicate. Online, we can share with friends, family and colleagues through status updates, posting pictures, beaming out our location, tweeting 140-character thoughts, and sharing our likes and dislikes. There are even online communication options that require no words or pictures at all. The recently released MotionPhone app allows users to use their fingers to animate abstract shapes set to music in order to share their thoughts on a more visceral level.

The breadth of communications options is similar to the workplace communication landscape. The structure of performance reviews, types and frequency of management communication with employees, as well as accessibility for employees to give feedback to their superiors.

Office communication and evaluations are a two-way street, and the five articles from this week we are highlighting  this week give you a glimpse at the effectiveness of different review programs on the employer and employee side:

5. Eve Tahmincioglu explains why almost 50% of HR departments don’t like performance reviews.

4. Forbes shares new research that shows that when it comes to increasing employee engagement through feedback, the secret is for the manager to ASK for feedback, not give it.

3. Liz Ryan‘s advice: Don’t enter the hiring process with the attitude that someone will be lucky to get the job you’re offering. Great talent doesn’t grovel.

2. Steve Boese touches on something akin to a constant performance review: how being watched changes employees behavior.

1. Lighthearted changes can increasing  communication in the office.  Among them: allowing a “bring your dog to work day.” This policy boosted engagement and communication among co-workers, as well as lowered stress.

See you back here next Friday for our newest top 5 HR articles of the week!

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