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Fri, Apr 27, 2012

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Monster 5 for Friday: Comp and Benefits Edition

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Recruiting and comp and benefits often work fairly independently in larger companies, but their roles intersect when it comes to overall HR strategy. In the spirit of that collaboration,  we’re bringing you the latest tips and trends related to benefits and compensation in this week’s 5 for Friday roundup.

5. Fewer employers are offering health insurance to their workers, and fewer are taking them up on it when they do offer, a study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute found. Many people assume health care reform is to blame, but it turns out the decline long predates Obama’s presidency, the study notes.

4. Even if the health care law is overturned, some experts are saying employers will continue to push for big changes on their own. “Employers had been the major force driving health care change in this country up until the passage of health reform,” Tom Billet, a senior benefits consultant with Towers Watson, told the Associated Press. “If Obamacare disappears … we go back to square one. We still have a major problem in this country with very expensive health care.”

3. Ann Bares asks “Is There a New (Reward) Deal?” Research suggests there is, but communication efforts with employees has fallen to the wayside. “My experience on-the-ground and the conversations I’ve had with colleagues suggest that many of our bold redesign efforts have been followed with timid, even reluctant, communication efforts,” she writes.

2. Miscommunications about compensation can quickly sour a relationship with a candidate, notes Susan Strayer in this tale of salary negotiation gone wrong.

1. Some companies are finding ways to use social media to communicate with workers about their benefits. Jen Benz shares her five favorite social media tools for benefits communication.

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