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Fri, Jun 8, 2012

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Monster 5 for Friday: Recruiting Technology Edition

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Recruiters who aren’t paying attention to changes in technology run the risk falling far behind — and quickly. To help everyone keep up, this week’s 5 for Friday rounds up the five top stories on recruiting technology.

5. Technology for the Candidate Experience. SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Technology Blog: “Social technologies like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (not to mention Pinterest, Instagram and others) provide the opportunity to engage with candidates on a personal level,” writes Chris Brablc. “If you are able to dedicate resources to these technologies they can have a tremendous impact on identifying potential qualified candidates, dealing with customer (the candidate!) service issues and providing information on the process in general.”

4. 5 Ways Social Media Is Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition. Mashable: “Social media talent acquisition allows for entrepreneurs and CEOs alike to find candidates directly, quickly and with a reduced cost-per-hire — especially for startups that lack traditional HR personnel or funds for a recruiter,” writes Sajjad Masud, co-founder & CEO of Simplicant. “However, social recruiting is not to be taken lightly; just because you can find candidates on Facebook doesn’t mean you should throw away the rule book.”

3. How to Strategically Align Employee Compensation with Your Company’s Objectives. Smart Business “You can’t succeed by taking a one-size-fits-all approach,” says Jed DeVaro, chair of the Department of Economics, College of Business and Economics, at California State University, East Bay. “Companies need to analyze historical data, elicit employee preferences and strategically allocate expenditures to maximize their return on employee compensation.”

2. Software Raises Bar for Hiring . Wall Street Journal: “For every story about an employer who can’t find qualified applicants, there’s a counterbalancing tale about an employer with ridiculous hiring requirements,” says Peter Cappelli, a professor of management and human resources at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. In many companies, software has replaced recruiters, he writes, so “applicants rarely talk to anyone, even by email, during the hiring process.”

1. Seeking Software Fix for Job-Search Game. Wall Street Journal: “If you create tools that allow recruiters to spend more quality time with a smaller number of high-quality people, that’s valuable,” says Michael Pope, founder of San Francisco recruiting firm Captain Recruiter.

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