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Fri, Jun 22, 2012

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Monster 5 for Friday: Recruiting Basics Edition

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Great recruiters have a knack for matching applicants’ values, skills and personalities with the right jobs. This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five top stories about the fundamentals of the recruiting profession.

5. Why You Should Hire Like a Rock Band. Inc.com: “We don’t see ‘cool’ as walking in with popped collars and clicky heels,” says Alex Churchill, CEO of VonChurch, a digital entertainment recruiting company.

4.3 Reasons to Rely on Recommendations More Than Resumes. Recruiter.com: “Resumes and recommendations are not mutually exclusive, but relying on one more so than the other can give undue justification of the candidate’s qualifications. The resume is the sketched outline and recommendations create the full, colorful portrait,” writes Jesse Gant, CEO and co-founder of Recmnd.Me.

3. It’s Time to Blow Up Time to Hire. ERE.net: The time-to-fill metric “only really shows the beginning and the end date/time stamps as an average of multiple roles, and as we all know in recruiting, there are a lot of things that can go wrong in-between the moment you open a position and when you finally fill it,” writes Rob McIntosh, senior vice president of global talent acquisition for Avanade. “In short, the metric really does not help identify the ‘why’ vs. ‘what.’”

2. Better by the Bunch: Evaluating Job Candidates in Groups. HBS Working Knowledge: “Our hunch is that the mechanism works something along the following lines: if you look at one pair of shoes, it’s hard to evaluate the quality of those shoes,” says researcher Iris Bohnet. “You will be much more likely to go with stereotypes or heuristics or rules of thumb about shoes. But if you have several pairs of shoes available, you’re much more likely to be able to compare different attributes of the shoes.”

1. Perception Is Reality: Talent Magnets Attract the Best People. Forbes.com: “People want to believe they made a good choice. If you make the hiring process difficult it will be less likely, even if an offer is made, that you’ll be able to retain the employee. The hiring process sets expectations. It’s your opportunity to convince candidates your company is well-managed, fair to employees, and a good place to work,” writes Meghan M. Biro.


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