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Tue, Aug 21, 2012

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Tips to improve your onboarding process

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When we talk about onboarding and induction, does the word “fun” come to mind? Probably not, but that can change. And it should because the way organizations integrate new employees affects long-term productivity, retention, morale and your bottom line.

With a bit of creativity and fresh ideas, you can make the transition easier on new and existing workers.

According to the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration, a simple thing like a welcome card for a new hire can go a long way in easing the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Here are four more ways to improve your onboarding process:

  • Use Do’s and Don’ts. Create a chart, infographic, or fun visual with the rules for your company. It’s not a legal document — just a roundup of small things that will make a new employee’s life easier. For example: Don’t use ABC letterhead for client correspondence. Do update your voicemail each day with your availability. Don’t park in reserved spots in Lot C. To build the list, gather quirky nuggets from newer team members.
  • Produce interactive presentations. Use a lively and engaging style video of long-time employees who can share a few success stories. Pose this question to them: Why is it great to work here? A basic video recorded on a flip cam or mobile device will convey a casual feel to new hires.
  • Take a tour. If you have multiple sites or operations, invest a short amount of time in a field trip to various locations. Allow newbies to see firsthand what is happening and who the players are.
  • Make a hand-crafted welcome package for Day 1. A simple decorated cover on a folder containing the standard paperwork can be signed by a few colleagues and HR. Personalization can go a long way. You may also consider cutting down on paperwork by providing electronic forms and informational websites with specifics on policies and resources.

What are your favorite tips for making new workers feel welcome?

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  • http://employeemotivationworkshop.com Clark

    1) Assign a sponsor to every new employee. The sponsor must be a motivated employee that is familiar with the business, is comfortable meeting new people, and is able to answer questions from the new employee.
    2) Send the employee copies of the business newsletter.
    3) If available, send photo’s of the new employee’s teammates.
    4) Ensure the new employee that you are also available to answer any of their questions.
    5) Have the sponsor meet the new employee upon their arrival at the business.