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Fri, Sep 14, 2012

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Monster 5 for Friday: Recruiting Strategies Edition

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This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories that describe some of the latest recruiting strategies employers are adopting.

5. A Guide to Recruiting Employees. Business2Community.com: “As the CEO of a recruiting agency, I can tell you that hiring the right employees is exceedingly hard regardless of your age,” writes Ken Sundheim, CEO of KAS Placement Recruiter. “However, for the young entrepreneur, recruiting can get extra tricky and, to increase the odds of success you must implement certain measures.”

4.Prudential’s secret for hiring self-starters: Try before you buy. CNN Money: “The way we used to hire people was much more the traditional method of interviewing them, hiring them, and then training them,” says Caroline Feeney, Prudential’s newly appointed president of agency distribution.

3. An Unlikely Partnership: When HR and Marketing Join Forces. HBR Blog Network: “Our HR-Marketing collaboration was not the first of its kind nor are we the only ones doing it, especially as employer branding gains importance,” write Pat Nazemetz, former CHRO of Xerox, and Will Ruch, CEO of Versant.

2. Use Prospect Research and Failure Analysis to Learn Why Recruiting Underperforms. ERE.net: “Recruiting leaders can learn a lot from sales and marketing people,” writes Joh Zappe. “You simply cannot expect potential targets to read your messages or buy your product unless you fully understand them.”

1. Workers with Disabilities Solved This Company’s Talent Crisis. HBR Blog Network: “Most employers suffer from preconceived notions about disabled, so they see only weaknesses,” says Madhusudhan Reddy, vice president of HR for Gitanjali Gems. They are differently abled not disabled — once you frame them that way, you see their strengths and might be willing to give them an opportunity.”

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