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Thu, Sep 20, 2012

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Why Monster Worldwide Joined the Internet Association

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Monster Worldwide announced this week that it has joined the Internet Association as a founding member. I spoke to Melissa Wojciak, vice president of government relations for Monster to learn more about the group’s mission.

The member companies come from a diverse group of industries. What mission unites them in this organization?

All of the founding member companies are Internet companies. We came together to form an association because we recognize that the Internet is one of the greatest engines for economic growth, freedom and prosperity the world has ever known and Internet freedom is worth fighting to protect. The Internet’s decentralized and open model has been the catalyst for its unprecedented economic growth and innovation. We need to ensure that policymakers understand and work with us to protect that model.

Why is this organization needed now?

At the beginning of 2012, Congress almost moved forward with legislation that would have fundamentally altered the Internet. The founding companies of the Internet Association worked together to oppose those efforts but ultimately the Congressional effort was halted when the grassroots protest had the Internet go dark on Jan. 18, 2012. It shut down this misguided attempt to regulate the Internet. The founding members of Internet Association agreed it was time to come together to form an organization that would represent the Internet with a unified voice to protect a free and open Internet and to relentlessly represent this critical economic sector in collaboration with main street businesses and individual users.

What motivated Monster to participate?

Monster has long had a commitment to engage in pursuing public policy initiatives that protect the Internet and facilitate job growth and innovation. We joined this effort to ensure that we continue to dedicate ourselves to advancing public policy solutions to strengthen and protect Internet freedom, foster innovation and job creation and empower our seekers.

Why is this issue important to Monster customers and other employers?

The Internet Association is important to our customers and other employers as it is committed to pursuing policies that allow for economic growth and protecting jobs – not only jobs directly tied to the web, but also brick-and-mortar businesses throughout our nation. The unique nature of the Internet – free from government control and governed by multiple stakeholders – has unleashed unprecedented entrepreneurialism, creativity, and innovation, far beyond imagination. The success of small, medium, and large businesses, education, and all economic sectors in our country are directly tied to the innovation, creativity and freedom of the Internet.

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