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Fri, Nov 2, 2012

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5 for Friday: HR Leadership Edition

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This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about the latest trends in HR leadership.

5. Your Employee Is an Online Celebrity. Now What Do You Do? Wall Street Journal: “Depending on your corporate culture and risk tolerance, you may want to embrace the business benefits of co-branded employees by giving them lots of latitude to build their social-media presence,” writes Alexandra Samuel. “Or you may opt for tight limits on work-related social-media activities, to control your brand and manage risks.”

4.Do You Hire For IQ Or Klout Score? Fast Company: “What is the right balance between intelligence and social connectivity? From an innovation perspective, this difference is very significant,” writes Andrew Razeghi. “In fact, it can mean the difference between success and failure.”

3. Leadership Perspectives: What Is Your Intention? Lead Change Group: “What is your intent as a leader? Are you willing to make the changes necessary to reflect your beliefs in a form of integrity in relationship with your conscience and the culture of the environment in which you are living, working and communing?” Georgia Feiste writes. “When you are aligned with the values, beliefs, and the vision held by both you and your culture (work, family, community), that alignment acts a lot like a GPS system in a car. Your intention shows you where you want to go, where you are starting your journey, and the path for you to follow. It is a roadmap for life, and it changes the way you lead, live and interact with others.”

2. Is It OK for Leaders to Be Scared? Leadership & Learning blog: “Being a leader can sometimes be a scary thing, and being a great leader doesn’t require that you never get scared, but it does require that you keep moving forward,” writes Kevin Eikenberry.

1. Shifting Your Leadership as Your Company outgrows the startup phase. SmartBlog on Leadership: “In order to be successful, small companies need to start pushing decisions down in the organization and taking more time to gather input from all levels. Leaders need to then learn how to think strategically about their part of the organization, and provide input into big organizational strategic issues.”


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