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Ajax’s Jason Seiden on Why HR Can’t Ignore Workforce Marketing

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Because of the changing way employees are communicating with each other, organizations are themselves are fundamentally changing, argues Jason Seiden of Ajax Workforce Marketing.

And it’s a shift HR can’t afford to ignore. “From managing to dispersing workforces to changing the way they communicate the nuts and bolts of the business to their employee-base,” he said.

Employees are also increasingly being used to market products, in what is known as “workforce marketing.” Traditionally brands have owned the channels through which they communicate their message–Web sites, print ads and TV commercials. Now, however, Seiden said because tools such as social networking, consumers no longer have to turn to seemingly monolithic companies for information, and instead they can turn to a company’s employees. The experience consumers have interfacing with a company’s workforce can have as much, if not more, of an impact that the company’s marketing, Seiden said.

“First of all, this means that HR and Marketing need to line up. Secondly, it means that we need to change the way that talent development is done as well,” he said.

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