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Fri, Nov 30, 2012

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5 for Friday: Employee Engagement Edition

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This week’s 5 for Friday rounds up five stories about the latest trends in employee engagement.

5. Are your meetings derailed by trivial matters? SmartBlog on Leadership: “There’s been plenty written about how to prevent wasting time at meetings, and yes, well planned agendas, process, meeting facilitation and participation skills are ALL very important,” writes Dan McCarthy. “However, my friend Alex tipped me off to something that I believe is vitally important for any leader to be aware of and could have a dramatic impact on how your team spends it’s time at meetings.”

4. The Unique Job Perks That Employees Love Forbes.com: “In a recent national survey, 95 percent of Americans consider a job’s perks and benefits before 
deciding to either stay in a position or accept an offer. Attracting top talent with just a higher salary is something of the past. Leaders overcome this hiring hurdle by creating and implementing unique perks to differentiate themselves from other companies. Here are 25 companies that are leading the way with creative perks that keep their employees more than happy.”

3. 4 Hiring Lessons From the Best Cities For Millennials Mashable: “Sometimes the personal touch is all you need to attract great candidates and show them your company cares,” writes Josh Tolan. “Make your application process more personal, so candidates don’t feel like they’re nothing more than a resume in an applicant tracking system. This could mean reaching out to talent on social media or even using online video to interview candidates earlier in the process. Whatever you do, make sure you treat the candidate like a person instead of just a resume on your desk.”

2. Dunkin’ Runs on Great Talent TalentMgt.com: “We need to sit down with all of our high-potential leaders and ask them: ‘What are [you] most excited about? What do [you] hope for 12 months from now?’ and outright ask them, ‘Is there anything that would cause you to leave us?’” says CHRO Ginger Gregory.

1. Inside Employee Motivation: Does Money Really Make a Difference? Entrepreneur.com: “Unless you’re extremely careful with how you use rewards, you get people who are just working for the money,” says Edward Deci, a human motivation psychologist at University of Rochester.

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  • http://enkata.com/products/engage Trish Voskovitch

    Engaged employees need more than just a salary to care and push themselves to grow as an employee. They want to feel connected to your business and know that your company cares about them as well. Those unique perks can make all the difference because they help your company treat your employees like real people and not just another part of the machine.